AI, Robotics, Automation: The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Here

“For Chinese guests at Marriott International hotels, the check-in process will soon get easier. The hotel giant announced last summer that it’s developing facial recognition systems that will allow guests to check in at a kiosk in less than a minute via a quick scan of their facial features.

Half a world away, fearful of what such technological advances will mean to their future job security, thousands of Marriott workers across the United States voted this fall to authorize their union to strike. In addition to calls for higher wages and better workplace safety, they pushed for procedures to protect them from the looming impact of technological advancement. “You are not going to stop technology. The question is whether workers will be partners in its deployment or bystanders that get run over by it,” the union’s president told The New York Times.

Indeed, what many are calling “the Fourth Industrial Revolution” is already here, disrupting jobs and labor markets, largely because of the rise and advance of artificial intelligence and robotics…”