About The Future Is Pretty Rad

We are living in the most amazing times ever, and no one is paying attention!!!

It took me a long time to come around.

After spending almost a decade working in the media industry, from publications to broadcast news, I grew quite cynical and discontented with every day life and what the human race was seemingly doing.

Part of my job included creating packages for news outlets from CNN to Fox to Reuters and media entertainment outlets such as Access Hollywood and Inside Edition.

You name it.

And month by month, it sucked my soul.

To the point where my health, and sanity, began to fail me.

The one constant I found was that they always focused on the sensationalism and the negative, despite the fact that, statistically, we’re living in the times with the least amount of violence, the least amount of poverty, the least amount of disease EVER!

And it’s not even close, it’s by a longshot!

I knew there had to be more to this thing called life than the extreme polarities that mainstream media insisted on keeping us addicted (trust me, I saw and experienced it firsthand – they exist simply to keep your eyeballs glued to their offerings – the more eyeballs, the more ads they sell, and the more extremities they report on, the more eyeballs, etc etc etc).

Fortunately, through my work as a photographer and videographer, I began to get more and more exposed to things such as Singularity University and 3D printing and blockchain and robotics and sustainability tech and medtech and and and…

And for those of you that have already fallen in, you’ll understand, that’s an endless rabbit-hole that will keep you infinitely fascinated and excited and inspired. And the more you dig, the more you find, and the more you find, the harder and harder it becomes to have a negative outlook on where the future is headed.

So that’s where The Future Is Pretty Rad came into the picture.

The Future Is Pretty Rad is my side-project.

It started as a Google+ Community. When I saw it balloon to almost 100,000 members over just a couple of years, I knew I wasn’t the only one paying attention and craving this stuff. So when Google+ shut down in early 2019, I knew I had to keep it going one way or another. And so I figured the safest way was to create a site for it, which is where you find yourself now.

I make no money off of this and I have no help in doing this. I am simply doing this as a labor of love. It’s my part to hopefully counteract the madness of everyday life in the modern age with at least a little bit of amazing, incredible, awe-inspiring news of ridiculousness that is happening around the world.


Every day.

All the time.

So whenever the doomsdayers and do-nothings start spittin’ their vile, you’ll be armed with the most powerful ammunition of all – information.

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