“From cultured meat to plant-based foods to robotic kitchen assistants, tech seems to be infiltrating every corner of our food system. And it’s a good thing, because we’re sorely in need of ways to make more and better-quality food using fewer resources.

One rapidly-spreading technology that’s doing just that is vertical farming, which uses LED lights and a heavily-controlled indoor environment to grow produce with dramatically less water, space, or fertilizer than in traditional agriculture.

There are vertical farms all over the world, from Singapore to the UK to the US. And this week, the first phase of construction was completed on what will be a major addition to the industry.

The new facility is in Denmark, in an area called Taastrup outside of Copenhagen. At 7,000 square meters (just over 73,000 square feet), it will be the biggest vertical farm in Europe. Crops will grow in stacks 14 layers high and will use more than 20,000 LED lights…”

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