I'll be sharing this sporadically through the next few months until Google+ unfortunately shutters its doors for...

I’ll be sharing this sporadically through the next few months until Google+ unfortunately shutters its doors for good. Thanks to each of you for following along this wonderful journey of science and sustainability! Hope you come along so we can write the next chapter together…

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The news of Google+ shutting down has hit particularly hard as I’ve been using, and loving, the platform since it was in beta. I’ve met some incredible people from photographers to scientists to philosophers, you name it.

Anyhow, over that time I’ve managed to build this community of 125,000 beautiful people around the world who are interested in science, sustainability, technology, design and all the things that are making our future pretty rad! The simple act of aggregating and looking for these stories and this information has completely transformed my being from a pseudo-pessimist to an incurable optimist. Seeing all the ridiculously amazing things people are doing around the world that barely anyone is paying attention to has increased my enthusiasm for the future and what is coming with it while no one is paying attention…

Because of that I’ve made it a goal of mine to try to mitigate all the ‘bad news’ we are constantly fed by the media with a little bit of ‘good news’ to remind people that, despite all the tomfoolery we read about, things are actually getting better by every measure, from poverty to violence to hunger and health and sustainability. It’s all actually, statistically getting better.

As someone that worked in broadcast news for several years, believe me when I tell you, they have no interest in you feeling good, their only interest is playing to whatever anxieties will keep your eyes glued to their screens in order to sell advertising. That’s it.

So while that’s happening (and they continue to lose viewers), the world is changing in ways that no one can imagine, and just about ALL of it for the better. The things you run across in this stream are just a small piece of that…a small piece that will hopefully stoke some of your curiosities to dig deeper.

If one person learns about one thing here that they didn’t know about before, then it’s all worth it. And because of that, I will continue to do what I can to keep this stream alive in some form or another. Facebook may not be the final home, I may eventually create a webpage as it’s permanent home, but right now, time is a commodity. I do this out of a labor of love, and get no money from it, so I still have to work as well, but once I find a slice of time, I will decide on a permanent home and let you all know.

Until then, please continue to enjoy the posts here, and also please follow on Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/TheFutureIsPrettyRad so we can keep this train of awesome sauce on the tracks!

Humbly, so humbly,


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