<![CDATA[Activist Inspires Teens to Learn Coding With Hip-Hop Hackathon]]>
Activist Inspires Teens to Learn Coding With Hip-Hop Hackathon

“When I came up with the idea of Hip Hop Hacktivist, my vision was to simply use what kids are familiar with to show them to something new. It’s important that we speak to our young people in the language that they understand and delve into topics that resonate with them. The term “Hacktivist”-a combination of the words “Hacker” and “Activist”- is meant to signify an activist who uses programming to impact social change.

Our event creates an educational ecosystem that has three layers of impact:

It provides an opportunity for experienced tech professionals to give back through mentorship

It allows tech professionals who are new to the industry to pair program with experienced developers

It introduces programming to students who have no experience…”