“The Green Revolution of the 1960s used selective breeding to double crop yields of rice and wheat in some areas of the world, rescuing millions of people from food shortages and even famine. Now, the fast-growing global population combined with the impact of climate change on our ability to produce food—increased droughts and extreme weather events many crops can’t withstand—points to the need for another green revolution.

Luckily there’s already one underway. It’s more decentralized than the last, which makes sense given there are different challenges surfacing in different parts of the world. A Norwegian startup called Desert Control has a running start on solving a problem that’s only likely to get worse with time.

Desert Control’s technology not only keeps land from degrading further, it actually transforms arid, poor-quality soil into nutrient-rich, food-growing soil.

Here’s how it works…”

Read More: https://singularityhub.com/2020/08/19/a-norwegian-startup-is-turning-dry-deserts-into-fertile-cropland/