“One of the world’s first 3D printed houses went up in China in 2016. At 400 square meters in size and 2 stories tall, the house took 45 days to print—and at the time, this seemed amazingly fast.

Since then, similar houses have popped up in other parts of the world, including Russiathe USItaly, and even an entire community of 3D printed homes in Mexico.

Printing about half-complete. Image credit: ©Buřinka/Kateřina Nováková

This month, another country joined the list: the Czech Republic. Not to be outshined by its predecessors, Prvok, as the house has been christened, even boasts a few extra-cool features: it has a green roof, it’s built to last over 100 years, and it can float (not on its own, though). Printed this month in a warehouse in the southwestern city of České Budějovice, the house will be transported to Střelecký Island on the Vltava River in Prague in August, where it will be open to the public…”

Read More: https://singularityhub.com/2020/06/30/this-house-is-3d-printed-floats-and-will-last-over-100-years/