“Last year, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and analytical reasoning led LinkedIn’s global list of the most in-demand hard skills,” LinkedIn wrote in the report. “They’re all on the list again this year, but a skill we weren’t even looking at a year ago – blockchain – tops the list of most in-demand hard skills for 2020.”

After analyzing the profiles of the users who are “getting hired at the highest rates,” LinkedIn researchers found “blockchain” to be the most in-demand skill. So the top ranking might actually be a result of the higher wages employers are ready to pay people who can ostensibly do the blockchains. 

“Blockchain has emerged from the once shadowy world of cryptocurrency to become a business solution in search of problems,” LinkedIn writes. “Which means that…”

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And here’s the LinkedIn Report: https://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/blog/trends-and-research/2020/most-in-demand-hard-and-soft-skills