“Thanks to a rapid decline in lithium-ion battery prices and increases in their energy storage density, we’re headed into the age of the electric car. So much so that some nations, including FranceIndia, and the UK are aiming to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles altogether by 2030 or 2040. Individual cities and territories, in the hunt for cleaner air standards, may phase out petrol-driven cars even faster.

But while this is necessary for those countries with stringent, net-zero emissions targets to have any hope of reaching their goals, it can leave the consumer in a bind. Even some of the more affordable electric cars will still set you back by tens of thousands of dollars, which is beyond what many can spare. Maybe you want to get stuck into the age of electric vehicles but can’t afford a brand-new model, or perhaps there’s a lot of sentimental value attached to your old car. At any rate, it seems a waste to simply sell the petrol fleet for scrap.

That’s where a new French startup, Transition One, hopes to make a difference: for a fraction of the price of a new electric car, they offer to retrofit some of the most popular car models…”

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