“Wanna feel old? It’s been seven years since Doom-creator John Carmack first unveiled his ski-goggles contraption that would eventually become the Oculus Rift. A lot has happened in the years that have since passed, including Oculus’ 2 billion dollar acquisition by Facebook. What was then only a finicky but promising prototype, is now a multi-billion dollar industry. 

However, virtual reality still isn’t very accessible or mainstream. Sure you can get a PlayStation VR headset for like 250 bucks, but that still needs to be hooked up to a PlayStation 4. Other solutions are even more expensive and require beefy computers, or are glorified phone cases that allow you to strap your phone to your head, which is obviously far from ideal.

Enter Oculus Quest, a headset that is completely self-contained, affordable and hassle-free. It’s completely wireless, doesn’t require any additional devices (besides your phone) and it’s capable of decent-enough graphics. It even has a decent built-in speaker…”

For More: https://thenextweb.com/plugged/2019/06/26/review-oculus-quest-is-exactly-what-vr-needs-to-hit-the-mainstream/