“Biomass materials such as wood are environmentally-friendly alternatives to fossil resources. As an example, wood is typically non-toxic and carbon neutral. Furthermore, wood can be produced in a sustainable manner by appropriate planting and trimming of trees. Therefore, the use of wood resources as industrial materials is an important aspect for realizing a sustainable society.

Incorporating wood into industrial applications requires effective processing methods. Wood products are generally shaped by cutting processes because the deformability of wood is inferior to that of metals and plastics. Therefore, much of the original material is turned into waste chips or powder during the cutting process.

Shohei Kajikawa and colleagues at The University of Electro-Communications and Kyoto University developed injection molding of wood powder with sucrose, which is a natural binder, for fabricating products based on natural resources effectively…”

For More: https://www.ecnmag.com/news/2019/06/injection-molding-wood-powder-sustainable-fabrication