“Think back to your last flight: In addition to dehydration and jet lag, you probably exited the aircraft with a pile of trash in your wake.

In our annual travel trends, mbg predicted that 2019 would be the year airlines finally start cutting back on single-use waste, and Qantas just took a major leap in that direction. Today, the Aussie carrier landed the first flight to send zero garbage to landfill.

Passengers on the journey from Sydney to Adelaide were served their breakfasts in compostable packaging made out of sugar cane, alongside cutlery made of crop starch. “These products will be turned into compost and used in gardens and farms across the country,” Andrew David, CEO of Qantas’ domestic division, told theSydney Morning HeraldAll beverages were served in recyclable paper cups, and individually wrapped packages of milk and Vegemite (this is in Australia, don’t forget) were not offered.

While today’s journey was only two hours long, the airline hopes..”

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