“Pre-orders hovering in the wings will be the icing on the cake—the cake being a high-end VR headset called the Valve Index, from Valve. TechCrunch said pre-orders will kick in and the ship date is June 28. Preorders are for users in the contiguous US and most of Western Europe (the UK is left out for now), said Ars Technica.

So, what’s so special about it? The 1440×1600 per eye display features “some insane 144 hz refresh rates,” said Lucas Matney, TechCrunch, and a 130-degree field-of-view.

Instead of a mount perpendicular to the user’s eyes, said the Valve site, “the headset’s displays cant outward by 5 degrees. This improves outer FOV while balancing the inner FOV.”

Geek.com also noticed…”