“Ford is playing around with design by integrating virtual reality while creating cars. Currently, the company is experimenting with Gravity Sketch, a tool that allows Ford designers to draw 3D cars in VR. This could save time in the design process.

Normally, vehicle designers start with a 2D sketch, which is then scanned and rendered in 3D by a software to determine if it’s even applicable and possible to create. With Gravity Sketch, designers could skip this step completely. Using Gravity Sketch, designers could jump into the 3D process with a VR headset and controller. After putting on the headset and having a controller in each hand, the designers start “drawing” and shaping lines, curves, and surfaces of a car design in VR. Apparently, what used to take weeks will now only take hours…”

Source: https://www.ecnmag.com/videos/2019/01/designing-cars-vr-could-be-fords-future