“An airport in the UK is set to launch a three-month-long trial of robots that will park travelers’ cars for them, letting them squeeze thousands more vehicles into their parking lot.

The details: From August, drivers at Gatwick Airport will be able to leave their car in a drop-off zone near the airport and summon one of the robots using a touch-screen terminal nearby. The robot will then ferry their car to one of 270 pilot parking spaces, according to a planning application.

The “Stan” robot works by rolling to the front of the car and lifting it up, like a forklift truck. It doesn’t require drivers to hand over their keys. Travelers provide their flight details, so the robots can automatically retrieve their car when they return.”

Source: https://www.technologyreview.com/the-download/612841/this-robot-valet-will-soon-be-parking-your-car-at-the-airport/?utm_campaign=site_visitor.unpaid.engagement&utm_medium=tr_social&utm_source=twitter