10 top science minds tell what strange new body part they'd like to have

10 top science minds tell what strange new body part they’d like to have

“Evolution has given the human body some remarkable features and abilities — a powerful brain, a pair of eyes for binocular vision, the ability to heal wounds, and so on. But wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra set of arms? Or body parts that could regenerate? Maybe a blowhole so we could swim with our faces down — or gills so we could breathe underwater?

Or maybe you’d like a USB port on your neck so you could connect your brain to digital devices.

If you could wave a wand to change the human body in one specific way — to have a new anatomical feature or physiological or intellectual ability — what would you conjure up? I posed that question to 10 top minds in science and technology. Here, lightly edited, are their fascinating answers…”

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