Real or illusion? OMSI blurs lines

Real or illusion? OMSI blurs lines

“If you were ever a fan of David Copperfield, David Blaine or Penn and Teller, you may just be a fan of magic.

Or as the pros call it — illusion.

The illustrious art and science of illusion is the subject of the latest featured exhibit at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

“Illusion: Nothing is as It Seems,” opens Saturday, Nov. 18, just in time to host crowds of school kids on holiday.

“Art and science are very much linked together, and this exhibit is a unique and fascinating way to make both accessible to audiences of all ages and backgrounds,” says Nancy Stueber, OMSI’s president and chief executive officer.

The display may inspire future scientists, artists and a few illusionists as well, she says.

The exhibit is designed to make visitors question reality and their perceptions of the world through techniques used in magic, neuroscience, biology, physics and technology…”

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