<![CDATA[Lyft Wants to Create a Fleet of Driverless Cars That Won’t Cut Jobs]]>
Lyft Wants to Create a Fleet of Driverless Cars That Won’t Cut Jobs

“At a press conference last week, Lyft executives announced the company has created a new self-driving car division and plans to open a few facility in Palo Alto, California to begin operation. Lyft joins its biggest competitor Uber in the race to develop an autonomous car for its ride hailing fleet. This comes as a follow up to their revelation earlier this year for the first open self-driving platform.

For now, the company says that its human drivers don’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll still be able to make a living. According to Chief Engineer Luc Vincent, thegoal is to create a hybrid eco-system that includes both self-driving and human operated vehicles. While the technology for driverless cars is on the fast track, it’s still not sophisticated enough to respond to adverse weather condition, spontaneous traffic conditions and other complications with being on the road…”

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