<![CDATA[Nano-Hologram Technology Will Bring 3D Images to Phones, Tablets, and TVs]]>
Nano-Hologram Technology Will Bring 3D Images to Phones, Tablets, and TVs

“A newly-developed ultra-thin material tricks the human eye into perceiving highly detailed 3D images without the need for special glasses.

For science fiction nerds of a certain intensity, the 3D projection hologram is an instantly recognizable genre trope. Think Princess Leia beamed from R2-D2 in Star Wars, or the Tony Stark’s virtual displays in Iron Man.

For optical engineers, the true freestanding hologram has been a kind of Holy Grail for decades. The idea is to create a three-dimensional virtual image, in thin air, which does not require any kind of solid projection surface. Engineers have developed small-scale prototypes and clever approximations, like virtual Tupac. But true hologram technology remains elusive.

Researchers in Australia announced this week a potential new angle of attack to the enduring challenge…”

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