<![CDATA[Data From 14 Million Papers Is Now Available for Free Pexels]]>
Data From 14 Million Papers Is Now Available for Free Pexels

“A new organization, I4OC, is working towards making reliable, structured data of authors, reference lists, and citations accessible to the public. Their launch marks the availability of 14 million scholarly works, with more to come.

The Initiative of Open Citations (140C) announced today that science papers’ reference lists will now be accessible to anyone.

As explained on their website, “citations are the links that knit together our scientific and cultural knowledge. They are primary data that provide both provenance and an explanation for how we know facts. They allow us to attribute and credit scientific contributions, and they enable the evaluation of research and its impacts. In sum, citations are the most important vehicle for the discovery, dissemination, and evaluation of all scholarly knowledge…”

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