<![CDATA[An afternoon with Avegant’s prototype light field display headset]]>
An afternoon with Avegant’s prototype light field display headset

“I’ve seen the light.

A few weeks ago, Avegant showed off an early look at some of the crazy tech it has been working on that — in its most simple terms — seeks to make head-mounted displays function more like human eyes. It’s an ambitious goal with more than a few interested parties. Many top tech execs and investors have high expectations for smart glasses to usher in the next computing platform wave, but in order to do that there are some major, non-trivial advances in near-eye display tech that will need to happen.

One of the most-hyped and least-seen technologies that will allegedly solve many of these problems is “light field technology,” which Avegant is using this bulky feature prototype to showcase.

TechCrunch had the opportunity to bring cameras in and capture early demos of the prototype headset while also getting the chance to chat with Avegant CTO Edward Tang, who was available to offer a little clarity as to what “light field displays” actually are. I expected the standard fare, a half-hour session with a few questions, but it was only over the course of the next few hours, stashed in a demo room in Avegant’s offices berating the CTO with questions, that I was able to fully appreciate what I was seeing…”

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